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4 responses to “College Students Reject the Kindle: What e-Book Reader is Going to Work?”

  1. Krish

    From day one, I am opposed to Kindle. My vote is for any reader that supports Epub or some other open formats. Right now, I own a Sony Reader and am happy about it.

  2. Izkata

    For a textbook, all e-readers fail unless they include a stylus and touchscreen for direct writing, *including drawing diagrams*.

    And color is a requirement for all topics – for, again, diagrams.

  3. Sam

    Let us recap… Should be color, should be able to communicate with other ‘e-books’, should not lose information if battery goes flat, should allow the user to add his/her own notes and annotations….

    Let me add a couple of more ‘wishes’
    Should have some way of sitting on the desk to view the content without holding it in my hands.. Should have a built in sound and video.. Should be customizable..

    Oh..Oh… I know… A Laptop computer!.. I am surprised no one else thought of this!..
    Maybe I should patent the idea.