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6 responses to “Apple is Just as Sneaky as Microsoft, Dumping Software on Your Computer”

  1. Steven Hodson

    Me an Apple defender – that’s funny as hell since I’m a diehard Windows user 🙂

  2. Pemo Theodore

    So love your monster Apple logo – good work! Its refreshing too to hear someone actually speak their mind about Apple as most don’t. What is it with the hallowed Apple territory?????? Anyways I noted this same thing as you mention the updater wanting to install all these other programs & Quicktime now being bundled with itunes which I have never & will never want on my pc. Could it be that Apple are worried about losing market share or something like that to resort to such aggressive update app? I used to be an Apple girl but surrendered to pressure 10years ago to pc due to compatibility with the rest of the business world???? All the time I was a mac girl I could never get any service (not good service I mean no service at all after purchase in Australia). Dell beats Apple in that respect a million times. Also I resented having to wait/queue for hours in Apple stores because they had minimum staff on duty & customers held no power just because they may purchase????? WTF Sorry it has been easier going the pc route & not because of Microsoft who should be blown out of the water soon due to their crap Vista OS. In Jungian psychology they say if you project all the evil onto ‘the other’ then you end up unconsciously becoming like ‘the other’ due to your lack of awareness. Need I say more???? Thanks this post was a relief to read Pemo Theodore, AstraMatch Blog

  3. Tony Toews

    I uninstalled Apple QuickTime a month ago due to this kind of cr*p. I haven’t yet missed it. Bye bye Apple.

    Now if only the Sun Java Updates wouldn’t ask to install a Yahoo Toolbar. Or something like that

  4. Zoli Erdos


    You are right, I should not lump you with the Apple fanboys … and I’ve linked to your writing way back in the Winextra days.

    That said you do appear to defend Apple (or any software maker) to an extreme in this particular post…

  5. Steven Hodson

    I’ll address the ‘Apple’ issue tomorrow in a post along with one other thing I have been taken to task over in the past week. As for WinExtra it still lives and concentrates on Microsoft and Windows. Shooting at Bubbles is primarily for social media topics.