Dan Morrill works in Interactive Media and Cloud delivery systems for Comics Forge as the COO. He has been blogging since 2003 covering different emerging technologies, management and information security. Dan works as a founding member of a number of startups, including Startup Academy International and Dead Tree Comics. His interests are in intellectual property protection, piracy, and information security as it applies to cloud computing. He also has a deep interest in media, mobile computing, and education.. His personal blog is here,  his other pro-blog is here .

One response to “DMCA Take Downs, Copyright, Fair Use”

  1. Mike teh Anonymous Blogger Bounty Hunter :)

    Free speech is an essential element of an unshackled and open community. Free speech might also be exploited for malicious internet defamation attacks. A blog that hurts someone who is untainted should on no account be tolerated, the cost is unreasonable.

    And yet, there are many asocial deadbeats who manipulate this liberty with malicious intent. Oftentimes these anonymous bottom dwellers suffer from a form of antisocial personality disorder (called sociopaths in the old days) or another character disorder, & prompted solely through hate and revengeful, narcissistic instincts. Hurting or controlling others brings them strange satisfaction; they’re in fact driven by the anguish they cause; a tortured soul’s torment is what fuels them, the clinical term is “narcissistic supply”. Typical citizens such as 97% of those reading this column can’t begin to relate to what makes these individuals tick. I challenge you to stop for a moment, try to imagine having no conscience…. it is plainly impossible.

    This vicious public predicament has exploded during the preceding decade in the form of anonymous internet defamation. There have been instances in which courts have issued orders directing that anonymous and nasty forum posters should be uncloaked in the full light of day, these orders are normally a cause of protests by a trivial but enthusiastic family of zealous proponents that consider that freedom of expression should be unconditional and that the utterer can not be held to account for their words, without regard to the truth or falsity of the assertions. I reckon that should these same protesting activists were to live through the paralyzing impact of a cyber bullying attack and the emotional, physical, vocational, & social health of themselves or their loved ones; they would not be as outspoken in their protests.

    Consider a grazier who has had all of his stock destroyed and barns and pastures set ablaze by an enemy; the devastating effect on his source of revenue is all-inclusive. In comparison, a white-collar worker, fashion model, therapist, banker, or executive who depends on his or her character to locate new business, and for that matter keep current customers, might be as utterly broken as the farmer depicted above as a consequence of a compelling online vilification campaign. Except that the the public, law enforcement, the courts and jurors are able to sympathize with the significance of the farmer’s disaster.

    An underlying aspect of anonymous cyber slander is that it is generally less credible when seriously considered by wise and objective people. Despite this fact, there is an interesting dynamic with the challenge of vicious & anonymous bloggers. While the allegations might lack credibility, when the victim is to be assessed for a job, consulting applications, Boy Scout leadership (or a prom partner), then the individual carrying out the background check will probably look at the potential PR hazards from associating with the victim. Although the prospective employer might see through the denunciation, the decision maker will probably reflect on what their customers and partners will believe if less clever & open-minded.