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5 responses to “Does Twitter Censor hashtags?”

  1. Roberto

    Dear Dan, I’ve also noticed some strange behavior: I have spoken here, in italian (I hope this is not a problem):
    The dark side of Twitter and Trending topics on Twitter that they were not

  2. Dan Morrill

    Roberto – interesting – brought it up in google translate. What is interesting is when it is in your face like that. Not used to seeing something so obvious or blatant, but interesting all the same.

  3. none1

    Someone does censor certain posts with hash tags. If I post anything with #gvb (this is the Amsterdam metro train service) that is not in their interest, then the post appears in my timeline, but not in a search for #gvb.

    Items that are missed are:
    Telling people where the roaming ticket inspectors were last seen.
    Telling them that they are ripping people off by closing the ticket offices down (we can only by certain tickets from one station, when a year ago there were 8 offices).
    Telling that they are not operating in the interest of the public that pay for the services.

    All tweets never appeared on the search. Only my time line.

  4. Dan Morrill

    none1 – it is interesting isn’t it, Not sure what to make of it, but after the occupy wall street hashtag system was censored on twitter, one has to wonder the value of twitter as a tool. Although it looks like Vibe for Apple products seems to be an alternative. Just all depends on how they store and control information on the back end.