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  • Amazon's Kindle Fire diverges the Tablet market

David heads up D2C, a consulting firm which provides business and social media consulting as well as advising on Cloud based solutions for accounting, content, collaboration, and web publishing. He is Chair of the UK's Intellect Software as a Service Group, a director of EuroCloud UK, on the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum and a regular speaker at social media and Cloud Computing events including chairing London's Cloud Computing World Forum in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He has been appointed to the governance board of the Cloud Industry Forum. David organizes London Wiki Wednesdays, was one of the founders of CreativeCoffee Club and was part of the team that started Amplified (the Network of Networks). LinkedIn TwitterFacebook

4 responses to “Amazon’s Kindle Fire diverges the Tablet market”

  1. Mae Loraine Jacobs 

    Kindle Fire is perhaps one of the most interesting, to say the least, Kindles out there; and truthfully I can’t wait to get my feet wet on it. But I somehow agree with you. iPad has become a benchmark even for huge companies, and though there’s really nothing wrong if they want to draw “inspiration” from it, their products end up lacking creativity, ingenuity, and usability in the end. They can’t seem to answer the most basic question: What’s in it for me?

  2. Amelia @ IT Management

    It’s funny about how you pointed out that Bezzos was trying to emulate Steve Jobs. Seriously, while I want to try out Kindle Fire, I don’t see it being able to defeat the mighty iPad.

    I hope I’m wrong but it might be a watered down iPad. It would be better for companies to cater to a niche of users rather than try to emulate Apple.