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Principal of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy. Jacob works with mid and enterprise organizations on developing customer and employee engagement strategies. He is also the co-author of Twittfaced, a social media 101 book for business. Jacob authors a Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 blog.

One response to “Emergent Collaboration Vendor Review: Traction Software”

  1. Greg Lloyd

    Jacob — Thank you for your lively and well focused review of Traction TeamPage. You’re doing a great job publishing concise, consistent and even-handed reviews that make sense to customers. We’re honored to be one of the early reviews in what I’m sure will be a long and valuable list.

    As your uniform pricing comparison points out, TeamPage provides great value on its own and the Attivio option adds capabilities that are uniquely valuable for small to mid-size business (or groups in large enterprises) who wouldn’t otherwise have access to what KMWorld called TeamPage’s unique “marriage of deep search and collaboration.”

    Thank you for your suggestions on adding a price comparison page and reorganizing Traction Software’s public Web site. We’ll do exactly that as part of the rolling out of new Attivio Plus and Social EnterPrise Web options – first customer ship is next week. We’ll more announce details, and show more at E2.0 Santa Clara, 15-16 Nov.

    One clarification: the Attivio option and pricing currently listed on Traction Software’s Web site covers indexing, analysis and content based navigation of of TeamPage content – articles, comments, Twitter style status, profiles and files attached to TeamPage articles or stored in TeamPage’s share folders.

    “Attivo Plus” is a new separately priced option that extends indexing, analysis and search beyond TeamPage to cover SharePoint, Exchange, Documentum, File system, Lotus Notes, SQL Database and other external sources.

    “Social Enterprise Web” is a new separately priced option that adds external content tagging, tasking, comments, shares, bookmarking, badging and Disqus-like comment widgets to the core TeamPage product. This works very well with Attivio Plus, but doesn’t require it.

    See Attivio Plus and TeamPage Social Enterprise Web product announcement here:

    My blog post, Extending the fabric of work, or How to Be Emergent tells the story