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Telecom/VoIP/UC/Mobility enthusiast. Blogolyst, Consultant, and Analyst publishing independent telecom and UC research at TalkingPointz. Dave is CEO of Verge1 which offers independent analysis and interpretation of business communications systems and technologies. Dave works with the major vendors, end users, and media sources. His independent research is available for download at Dave regularly contributes to this site and other major sites focused on communications. His blog PinDropSoup is one of the most popular independent telecom oriented blogs on the web.

3 responses to “Poor Retail”

  1. Laura

    Dave, great article!

    I couldn’t agree about your second point: “2) Home offices and distributed workforces make Coffee shops the ideal place for appointments and meetings.”

    Most Starbucks and Peets locations in my area already offer larger tables for mobile workers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see new locations that will rent us conference rooms.

  2. Herb

    I think what will happen is that a lot of impulse and discretionary retail will start moving to 2/F in urban environments and become showrooms more than retail stores. In some of those showrooms, product will be available, and some not. Larger, better funded and/or better known/managed retailers will occupy more of the ground floor space. In bigbox/suburban environments, some will survive, many will be repurposed. I can see some being redone to fit the showroom model also. I see no need for many boutiques and/or businesses with solid marketing/following to continue to have a retail store with the social media and community building tools available now, although a physical space is necessary for many.

  3. Amelia @ IT Management

    Retail will be back if the government decides to lessen its taxes. Speaking of taxes, if the government finds a way to effectively collect taxes from online stores, the playing field might even out a little. Right now, anybody can just open an online store.

    I’m not a fan of coffee but I can see their place in the scheme of things.