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6 responses to “Once bitten, twice shy? Klout scores get clouted again”

  1. Neil Ballard

    Just ignore the nonsense.

    It’ll go away eventually. Meanwhile the rest of us have got work to do.

    Neil Ballard

  2. Kevin Tea

    I have kicked Klout into touch, it is just too inaccurate and essentially worthless. If you are setting yourself up as an arbiter of business evaluation then you cannot afford to change horses in midstream.

  3. Martijn Linssen

    Thanks Kevin, my points exactly. And another soul saved!

  4. Rohn Jay Miller

    Neil Ballard: You can’t ignore Klout. It’s now integrated into, the largest CRM system in the world. And it’s integrated into Peoplesoft, the largest HR system in the world, as well as many other HR systems used for recruiting. And it’s in job descriptions–don’t both applying if your Klout score isn’t 50+, etc.

    We have no choice but to pay attention and for a committed, core group of serious social media professionals to delete our profiles to damage the “clout” of Klout enough so that it’s not taken seriously.