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8 responses to “Kingdom Conquest from Sega, ITunes, and Theft”

  1. GotInsulin

    I was just hacked last night for this exact same thing. Fortunately I caught it quickly and reported the problem directly to PayPay so I’m hoping they can back me up and keep the money from actually being taken from my bank account. It’s so infuriating.

  2. dan

    you should let Apple know as well, they were really responsive and totally took care of me on this one after a bit. Took some prodding with a sharp stick, but they know about it, and they are trying to make it right.

  3. Marianne

    I’m the latest one, $27.55, disputing it now. Grrrrrr….

    1. Pwnedmealso

      $25.99 charged to my PayPal account on 12/20. My billing information was not changed. I am a director of information systems for a major corporation and my iTunes password is what I would consider very secure. I changed it anyway. There is something more at play than just a simple password generator hack, something much deeper that Apple probably doesn’t understand themselves.

  4. dan

    @Pwndmealso – very possible that there is something very deep in the Kingdom Conquest code that is allowing pass through charges like this. It is very possible that Apple does not understand this, because they have been giving refunds back to people, I got my 70 bucks back from them after three weeks.

    I would love to dive into the code and the handshakes to see what is going on when an in game purchase is being made. But I doubt they will let me at it to check it out.

  5. Mike

    $25.99 taken from my bank account on the 19th because of this.
    I don’t even own an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, and haven’t had any linked to my account.
    Disputing and waiting. I actually needed that money to buy a christmas present too.

  6. Pwnedmealso

    6 days later and Apple has not refunded my money. They are claiming the transaction was never processed and Apple did not receive any funds. Is it possible that Apple did not receive any money eventhough my PayPal and bank account (linked to paypal) show a withdrawal for $25.99? There is no credit pending on my iTunes or PayPal account. Here is Apple’s latest response to my dispute.

    “I can confirm that the charges are in chargeback. It would be very easy for you to confirm this by logging into your account. If you continue to have questions about these charges I would contact Paypal as they are responsible for releasing these funds to you. iTunes currently is out of the equation.

    If you would like me to refer you to Apple’s legal department then I can provide you with this. But, we are very certain that iTunes is secure as millions of customers can attest.

    Again, any further questions concerning your monies must be forwarded to Paypal at this time. iTunes does not have the money for these purchases as has been explained to you multiple times. I will consider this matter closed as there is no further action that can be taken on your account.


    iTunes/Mac App Store Support Senior Advisor http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww

  7. Jonathan

    Just got hit this morning. Unfortunately it was at 4:00 AM while I was sleeping and when I finally noticed it and changed everything the total billed amount was up to $107.98. It is ridiculous that Apple knows about this (since May 2011) and has yet to remove the app.