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Principal of Chess Media Group, a social business consultancy. Jacob works with mid and enterprise organizations on developing customer and employee engagement strategies. He is also the co-author of Twittfaced, a social media 101 book for business. Jacob authors a Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 blog.

2 responses to “The Future of Emergent Collaboration, “Smart” Platforms”

  1. Venky

    Interesting post. When it comes to emergent collaboration, wouldn’t the platforms also be emergent? Few years back, Gartner had introduced Emergent Architecture. We are also beginning to see situational applications which would solve immediate business challenges. I feel that platforms would be designed in such a way they would really get out of the way. Currently most of the platforms define the way the collaboration happens. My only quibble about smart platform, from what you’ve explained is that as it begins to take decisions on itself, deciding whom we could collaborate, it might lead to the same situation we are seeing with filter bubble. While the intentions of the platforms may be to bring emergent collaboration, as we begin to informationalize more of our work, we might getting trapped in the filter bubble, killing the true spirit of emergence. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.