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5 responses to “Vista Update Causes Perpetual Reboot”

  1. sireland

    I had a similar experience with Windows 7 where it suddenly forced a password change on login, then when you clicked okay it displayed “invalid function call”, reboot – repeat (catch-22), you can’t get there from here … back to the Mac 😉

  2. pemo

    Love the comic – Vista is really shit!!! So unstable, have had it since Oct07 & had to reinstall hard drive a number of times. Now using Windows 7 RC which seems better.

  3. excalibur

    Hey ‘sireland’, were you using a test version of WIndows 7? Ohhh, I think that you were. Go back to the mac you snob.

  4. cp

    Hello i have the same problem with the updates that happened this Wen.
    First the update failed
    Then when i restart it just perpetual reboots.
    can you explain the way or point to a site that you used to uninstall the update.