3 responses to “Why a Business Process Modeling (BPM) Approach to SOA Usually Fails”

  1. RobEllis

    Is there a case where your first (layered) model may be particularly slow? It seems obvious that are a considerable number of network calls which would quickly add up.

    In my experience I’ve often seen layed designs like this which are essentially method calls over the network hiding a C.R.U.D. model.

  2. Paul Michaud

    Let me cross post the comment I made to a similar question on the original article on technologymusings.com.

    The answer is it depends. Keep in mind that this is a logical architecture at this point. While we may choose to deploy it in a physical realization that matches this with each component on a separate server and every call being through a network hop, etc, it it not necessary. Also, we have not indicated that each service interface needs to be web services (which is slower, but not slow by most people standards (sub 1ms per call typically unless the interface takes big XML data objects in the call)). That said, you can do this message based and have very low latency per hop/call (as low as 3 microseconds with the latest high speed messaging). Either way, a single call to a traditional on disk database is going to swamp the Web Services and the layered network calls. If you want to be low latency the whole design end to end needs to account for that goal. You may put critical service components on a single box to minimize network hops. You may use a binary service interface for those high performance calls, etc. There are many ways to skin this. The key is to remember that SOA does not require statelessnes, SOAP or REST. SOA applies independent of the technologies we choose to use to implement it.

    But your right if you have too many layers and you don’t choose your technology implementation well, you could slow it down. But it would take a lot to be noticeable vs the database calls or the internet hop costs themselves.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Paul Michaud

    I really have to remember to uncheck that highlight box. Its very annoying.