2 responses to “Enterprise 2.0 Needs To Stop Being So Naive”

  1. lewisshepherd

    Great post, agree with (and have lived) the general thrust. However, one important point is that out of the (say) 500 apps in a large enterprise, 50-100 or so could be easily replaced with GUI-level 2.0 apps. So many “critical business apps” are really database-access/query engines, or input interfaces, all of which could be consolidated into a series of lightweight web apps/services/simple pages. So “E2.0” does represent, at the least, an important tool in the box for CIOs; may not be a sole answer to IT challenges but certainly helps on cost-containment and user-satisfaction.

    And keep in mind, if CxOs cave in to middle-IT-management opposition, we’re just coddling them and stagnating their own skillsets, instad of steering them (and the enterprise) into new arenas and skills.