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EVP Sales of MindTouch. Mark has advised many start ups including a social networking site that was sold to Barry Diller's IAC.  Before joining MindTouch, Mark led global sales efforts as an Executive Vice President for a publicly traded company, headed sales efforts for a technology division of AT Kearney and EDS, and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a Singapore based corporation. Mark blogs at Seek Omega

3 responses to “Why Every Company Needs to be More Like IBM and Less Like Apple”

  1. Max J. Pucher - Chief Architect ISIS Papyrus Software

    Mark, we find out that the supposedly so fantastic ‘shareholder value’ is the reason for the financial crisis we facing. I have worked for IBM for 15 years until 1988 and it was a fantastic company then. I would much rather work for Apple these days (would I not have my own business).

    The same is true for being an IBM customer or partner. IBM’s employees might use social tools but they are all inwardly focused. When we try to get anything done by IBM it is a nightmare. IBM dominance comes from the billions of marketing dollars that it spends on ‘Smarter Planet’ campaign with no product to hold true to that concept and with gadgets like ‘Watson’ who have no practical IT value for business. (Deep Blue was a similar gag.)

    Apple is truly innovating and IBM is just dominating …

  2. JJ Man

    Thank goodness IBM skimmed the inwardly focused employees in 1988…to gain back value for shareholders – Thanks to that start, the world now has smart traffic controllers, smart electric meters, analytics and so on…