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  1. William
    January 10, 2012

    Interesting artical. I am not sure you are being fair to google apps. When you say google docs is terribly incompatible, it seems like you are using Microsoft as a standard of compatibility. I would agree that Google docs is not completely compatible with MS Office, but in truth google docs recognizes far more common formats than Microsoft Office. If you never use Microsoft office you will not have compatibility issue with google docs so you are kind of defining google docs by the standards of of its competition. You are also not pointing out the vast feature difference between docs and office. There are many features in docs that really make it a new way of dealing with documents and not something that should be backwards compatible with the old way of dealing with documents. It is a bit like saying Windows 7 is not compatible with Mac OS 5. Yes it isn’t compatible and that is a good thing we have moved past the .doc format.

    It also seems you are comparing marketplace apps with core google services like gmail and docs. If the market place goes away that doesn’t make Gapps any less attractive. Marketplace is just the cherry on the cake. We will enjoy the cake with our without the cherry.

    The bottom line is people love their office. I know people who never use office but still insist that it be there. It is like some sort of inefficient safety blanket. I first noticed this fierce attachment to office when I first installed openoffice for some offices. Then when I said they had to use google docs I was really seen as evil. Now 5 years after going to google docs, most finally see the light. Although I still have the holdouts and I sent them your artical to let me know they are not alone

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