7 responses to “How To Build an SOA Based, High Performance, Scalable and Reliable Twitter on Steroids”

  1. frank

    On the subject of load balancing, why not get the highest availability while not getting caught in high prices? Kemp’s got some great load balancers that are low priced and high in quality:


  2. Paul Michaud

    Actually Frank, Any load balancer would do, I just picked one as an example. It need not be BIG IP.

  3. BlakeDournaee

    Paul – This is a great article and architecture. One small improvement – the DataPower box is hardware appliance that is costly to scale as you have to buy more physical boxes when twitter on steriods reaches its limit – its the only part of the architecture that is still living in the early 2000s…

    What about software alternatives to DataPower that are faster and can be virtualized? This would reduce cost over time and increase scalability, especially on cheap Intel Multi-core servers (Intel chips just keep getting faster).

  4. Paul Michaud

    It is definitely possible to do this with a software bridge in the place where I put the data power. We do it all the time for high performance apps include for stock exchanges were we need to parse and route messages at very high rates. That said this particular Datapower box (XM70) is new and is very fast (It will easily saturate GigE network with very low latency). The next version of it will be even faster but that’s a ways off in the road map.

    Bottom line, you can absolutely do this with software.

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