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Founder of We Wire People, Martijn has 15 years experience in the field of Integration, as an Architect working in and for Enterprises. He mainly advises in case of mergers, application rationalization and Cloud / Social Media back-office integration Martijn blogs at

2 responses to “Big Data? No. Big Information as a Service”

  1. Steve Ardire

    Big Information as a Service is good
    Linked Data as a Service is even better !


  2. Martijn Linssen

    Hi Steve, thank you.

    I like the concept of Linked Data, or DaaS, but it’s way too tech-focused and single-mindedly on the web with regards to that even.
    Reminds me of Semantic Web, XML, SOAP and what ESB and SOA deteriorated into: a waste of time, money and energy

    If you want to do business, or bring business innovations, address the business first. If you do that, you’ll see that businesses require a variety of tech solutions to one business problem