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Managing Partner, EIC Experts,  SAP Mentor and SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Consultant who has specialized in HR Technology since 1998. Over the past 18+ years, Jarret has completed 30+ high profile, full life cycle HCM implementations for global Fortune 1000 companies, which have included Core HRMS, Payroll, Compensation and Shared Services across SAP and SuccessFactors technologies. He is SAP HCM Certified, SuccessFactors Associate Certified in Employee Central, Compensation and Performance Management and Goals, an author for HR Expert, CloudAve, ASUG News and a moderator, blogger and platinum level contributor on the SAP Community Network.

6 responses to “SAP and SuccessFactors Roadmap Analysis”

  1. howard

    I am not sure why there is surprise about sf been built out. If SAP did not do this, they would never be able to compete for new clients against workday et al. It appears to me, that with sap not expanding tm in onpremise (if that is the correct inference), that means they want their customers to use a hybrid approach – on premise (sap) for core and on demand (sf) for talent using integration tools, maybe netwaever gateway??. I think customers not wanting to go to cloud for non core got a kick in the gut. Also, the consultants that specialize in talent may be in trouble here if they do not retool. My 2stomach euros

  2. Hong

    Good points Jarret. I have mixed feelings as someone who makes a living as a TM On Premise consultant but this certainly can’t be that big of a surprise to anyone. I do feel there will always be some customers who don’t want a cloud solution and agree with your comments on the latest Enhancement Packs. I’m currently working on an EhP5 implementation and think the compensation functionality compared to what’s in SF is actually superior. And in my opinion, if you’ve got core HR or TM in place, then the additional overhead to maintain some of the components in TM is minimal (at least for Performance Management and Compensation). Will that cost be greater than implementing a SF solution?

  3. Jarret Pazahanick

    Howard – Thanks for the comment and what surprised me was that SAP made the commitment from day 1 to build out EE Central and build a product that will ultimately compete with On-Premise HCM and the Workday’s of the world. I personally believe it is an extremely smart long term move for SAP and you are correct that for customers not wanting to go fully to the cloud for Core HR (once it is built out) there are two options….use SuccessFactors with a hybrid approach and a fully supported interface from SAP or use the onPremise products (ie LSO, ECM, eRecruiting, Performance Mgt) which current offer some very strong functionality though knowing they will not be enhanced that much further.

    Hong – Thanks for the comment and I plan on a follow up article on what this means to SAP consulting in these areas but my initial thoughts are for extremely experienced folks like yourself there will be lots of work for many years as customers will still chose the onPremise offering. That said at the middle and junior level experience this news should have you rethinking and retooling your skill set. As far as SAP ECM goes it was recently rated in the Forrester Wave report as the best solution among the major 7 vendors with 5.0 score which I agree with and lets not forget SAP has invested heavily in the last 3 years on bringing new functionality to their Talent Management/Performance Mgt/ECM/LSO/eRecruiting OnPremise products. You bring up a great point about the overhead and a lot will depend on how “seamless” the standard integration SAP builds with SuccessFactors is to determine the option that makes the most sense. The last point is cost/licenses as some of the products such as ECM and Performance Management are included in the base user license if I am not mistaken while there will be additional costs for SuccesssFactors so that could be another factor.

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