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Founder of We Wire People, Martijn has 15 years experience in the field of Integration, as an Architect working in and for Enterprises. He mainly advises in case of mergers, application rationalization and Cloud / Social Media back-office integration Martijn blogs at

2 responses to “The benefits of Social Business 1/2”

  1. Luke W

    Martijn, I very much enjoyed this historical contextualization of the state of social business.

    This sounds like a very simple question but it has me flummoxed: your summary statement on social business is that we now rely on faith rather than trust. For a dullard like myself I’m not at all sure I can see the huge difference between the two that provides the crux for what follows? Would you be so kind as to elabourate on the crucial gap between them? Thanks for sharing.

    Luke W
    Community Manager