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Founder of We Wire People, Martijn has 15 years experience in the field of Integration, as an Architect working in and for Enterprises. He mainly advises in case of mergers, application rationalization and Cloud / Social Media back-office integration Martijn blogs at

3 responses to “The concerns of Social Business”

  1. Luke W

    Point five – flying straight towards uncertainty in new personnel and increased costs really is a bitter medicine to ask the same-old-same-old to swallow. As sage godin pointed out today though – people are restricted by common fears, those that overcome these fears are rare, and rarity creates value. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, enlightening as ever.

  2. Martijn Linssen

    Hi Luke, thanks for that – did spell check kick in? I know Seth Godin 😉

    We all have hidden fears that control our life. Once you only even recognise a few of them, you’ll be on your way out, and out in a few months if not weeks. There’s a long journey I followed in my About on my blog, or you can take the shortcut here: