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One response to “Bought a Netbook or Super-slim Notebook? The “Free” Windows 7 Upgrade May Cost You a Bunch.”

  1. Peter van Sebille

    Alternatively, use NetDVD. See

    NetDVD adds a virtual DVD drive on your Netbook that connects to a DVD drive on another PC on your LAN/WLAN.

    It turns out that the Windows 7 installer starts by copies all files from the DVD to the target partition. It won’t access the DVD drive after reboot. That means you can use NetDVD under XP and let the Windows 7 installer copy the files as per normal. After reboot the Windows 7 installer continues installation with the local files.

    You can also use NetDVD to play movie DVD, Audio CDs or burn CD/DVD from your Netbook with the CD/DVD disc in the drive of another PC connected to your LAN/WLAN.

    Apologies for the shameless advertising, but NetDVD was written specifically to address the issue of Netbooks not having a DVD drive.

    I hope the above helps!

    Best Regards,
    Peter van Sebille