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Managing Partner, EIC Experts,  SAP Mentor and SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Consultant who has specialized in HR Technology since 1998. Over the past 18+ years, Jarret has completed 30+ high profile, full life cycle HCM implementations for global Fortune 1000 companies, which have included Core HRMS, Payroll, Compensation and Shared Services across SAP and SuccessFactors technologies. He is SAP HCM Certified, SuccessFactors Associate Certified in Employee Central, Compensation and Performance Management and Goals, an author for HR Expert, CloudAve, ASUG News and a moderator, blogger and platinum level contributor on the SAP Community Network.

3 responses to “The Future of (SAP) HCM Consulting and SuccessFactors – 2012”

  1. Stephen Bradley


    You should check with me too. L2P has been an SF Services partner for 6 years and and SAP services partner for 9 years, focused on the LSO. Were we also a Plateau Partner.

    I agree with many of the comments provided by our peers, however, the one thing that everyone is missing is that most of SAP customers don’t use SAP for talent management. They use a competitor. SAP will now be much more competitive and should be able to greatly expand their user base for TM. Whihc means even more demand for consultatn expertise.

    Where there is duplication, I do believe some products will be sunset. How long that takes is anyone’s guess. For instance, the old Plateau LMS product could still conceivably be offered as an on-premise solution if SAP wanted to, giveing the customer an option if required. Though, that’s probably not true for the balance of SFSF’s product suite.

    From a consultant’s prespective, the news is all good, becuase SF expertise is going to be in great demand. Speaking from experience, it takes about 6 months to master one or two modules of SF and about 1.5 to 2 years to cover the entire product line to the point of being capable to leading the implementation of those modules.

    So my recommendation to existing SAP HCM consultants is to go get trained ASAP or reach out to firms like ours that made the investment in SF 6 years ago to work with to get their staff up to speed.

    1. Ralph

      Stephen, with respect your response is rather incomprehensible: can I suggest you re-read and edit it? Also, using acronyms like “SF” makes your response opaque. Our business is clear and unambiguous communication, if we want credibility.

  2. Sean Mallon

    I have a question for our dear friend Brandon, so please pass this along.

    Where do you feel SAP HR Processes and Forms will fit into this transformation to a cloud-based technology? We know SuccessFactors specializes in Talent Mgmt., but how will their application flow into these core HCM processes (e.g., Hire, Transfer, and Promotion) supported by ABAP/Java WebDynpro? I know I am selfishly jumping into the weeds here, but it is the architecture that is driving my curiosity and waking me up at 3am (Note: SAP as a Freudian-type dream is for a future discussion).

    If we need to wait for the release of your book then that will be fine. However, remember it was me who helped initiate that key chapter and not the e-Recruitment expert, Mr. Ingram.


    A signed autograph of the book will do with a guest appearance by your co-writer, Justin Morgalis, on my company’s future YouTube video. I want to say I am kidding with this part, but not really.

    thank you,

    Sean Mallon
    SAP HCM Consultant (Process Expert, Technically Proficient)
    and Value-Added Reseller of Partner Software with an SFSF affiliation