One response to “Cognitive Dissonance: Are you a technology or a service?”

  1. David Tele Ogundeko

    Amazing. I’m guilty of this, very much so. I run a start up business, but I’ve been confusing it as a technology company instead of a service business company. True, I do have some proprietary inventions designed to solve specific needs and to capture niche markets, but my business doesn’t have the capital and resources to develop these concepts. The mistake I’ve been making is defining my business based on those concepts and neglecting the other services I currently render which are basic web based internet solutions. This problem has made building my profile very difficult, because I find myself torn between two approaches. I cannot call myself a full blown technology company when I don’t have the resources to be one, and I’m still reluctant to say service business because I have some inventions in the cookie jar.
    But reading this has put me in the right perspective. I’ll stick with service business for now.
    Thanks for this post.