3 responses to “30 Days With Xero”

  1. Rod Drury

    Thanks for the thoughtful review.

    As we’ve now completed most of the ‘core accounting engine’ features we’re able to get to some of the areas that are a bit painful. We log of these request so have a very clear idea of the the top 10 things that people want.

    We use Xero ourselves so we know what we can do much better.

    It’s a thrill that in such a short time there are some really good products for small businesses that work well. For all of us in the industry it’s still very early days and we look forward to delighting customers as we start to deliver real innovation that leverages being connected.


    Rod + the team at Xero

  2. davemichels

    are you using the US or NZ version of Xero? CloudAve says US version coming in 2009, but it isn’t clear if available on their site.

  3. Ben Kepes

    @davemichels – Devan is in Australia and hence is using the Aussie version of Xero.

    Xero is now fully customized in Aus/NZ/US and has a general version elsewhere – the multicurrency abilities mean most of what you need to do can be done….