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2 responses to “Do You Want to Pay Ransom for Your Data?”

  1. ChiragMehta

    “Tell me the screensaver and the name of a few documents on the desktop.” This suggests that there was no password set to log into the system and access the Desktop. That’s bad. There is one more explanation for $1000: the data is not necessary sensitive but it is of high-value e.g. family pictures that were not backed up, some work documents that might require hours of re-work etc.
    I like the person posting an ad on Craigslist – probably one of the best ways to reach out the person who stole it!

  2. Voyagerfan5761

    Good point, Zoli. None of the devices in Star Trek really store large amounts of data, especially restricted data. Not the tricorders, not the communicators, not the PADDs…