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4 responses to “The New Lenovo: Nice Hardware, Dumb Support”

  1. Andrew Filev

    I never was a fan of IBM/Lenovo, but after a long research (which included two returned notebooks) I purchased Lenovo X200. I can confirm that their sales/support is incredibly slow and bureaucratic. Not a good thing, because it surely hurts their own productivity and certainly hurts customer experience. On the other side, I like the notebook;-)

    As of the returned notebooks (not Lenovo):
    -The first one featured a 32-bit OS on 4Gb of memory. There was no indication that they plan to ship 32 bits and no way to upgrade it. But the vendor immediately proposed a return and authorized shipping label, so the customer service was great.
    -The second one was worse. There was a GPU chip that fries. The vendor learned about the problem several months before I purchase the computer. Instead of switching the GPU they tweaked the BIOS in a way that the fan was running on the full speed pretty much all the time. And it was a very loud fan. So it turned out to be an extremely loud notebook with a faulty chip. Not a good buy. The return experience also was bad. It was a consumer notebook and the vendor had completely different service reps and service rules for consumers and business. The fact that the notebook was purchased from a business account using vendor’s business web-site didn’t make a difference, they route service based on model.

  2. Jan

    My last incident was with Symantec. Spent about
    an hour talking to a guy, who could not
    understand a very simple problem. After an hour i
    decided to drop it, and he kindly asked me if
    it’s ok to close the ticket and mark the problem
    as solved (he DID not even understand the
    After 5-6 bad experiences with support outsourced
    to India, if i hear the accent i just hang up the
    phone or stop the online chat. I don’t blame the
    support people from India, i blame their managers.

  3. Mark_Lenovo


    Thanks for sharing this – we investigated the email, and apologize for the circular fashion in which your question was handled. We are addressing the situation with the responsible team. In direct answer to your question, the present plan / program is to deliver the upgrades on DVD – currently no provision for direct download. This would require customers such as yourself to use an external, USB optical drive.

    Best regards,


  4. Zoli Erdos


    Thanks for coming back here. Kudos on the service side ( and I see you do the same on various Lenovo forums), but you can’t be serious. Or if you are, I hope the emphasis is on present (plan). 

    See my new post here.