2 responses to “CloudBerry’s Scare Tactic Backfires.”

  1. Steve_D

    We are all capable of making mistakes – I believe our professionalism is determined by the way in which we rectify them.

    Cloudberry handled things in a professional manner in my opinion.

    Thanks for the post Devon.

    Steve Dougherty

  2. Devan

    Steve, thanks for your comment.

    I hope the fact that I gave CloudBerry the thumbs up came out clearly in the post. I agree that mistakes are all too common in the business world, and I concur with you that in this case, CloudBerry responded in the correct manner – very quickly.

    I would hate to see a good company and a good product tarnished by bad marketing, and can hope that this episode does not leave a lingering negative impression on their users and that they (CB) will be a successful venture.