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5 responses to “Google Labs: Can I Have My Event Colors in Calendar, Please?”

  1. franky

    you can have different colors… I have about 10 different types of events all in different colors… this has been around for idk… months

  2. Zoli Erdos


    Am I the only one who still can’t find it? Would you point me to it, please?

  3. lindusembedded

    Might want to try “GCal Event Color Codes”(, a greasemonkey script that allows you to do that.

  4. Chris

    I am pleasantly surprised that there is so much written about lack of colour coding on google calendar. I thought I was the only one who finds this disappointing. Surely, surely Google can fix this!!!

  5. Caren

    I agree, please, please, please add color coding!! Please!