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5 responses to “What I Expect From MS Office Web”

  1. Ron Arden

    I am also looking forward to what Office 2010 online will bring. I have used GoogleDocs and some other services, but I keep sticking with my local Office, for now. One issue with all the web apps is my huge number of logins. If I use a bunch of Google applications, I can use 1 login. The same with Microsoft, but I have so many services with so many providers. If MS subscribes to using OpenID or a similar common ID service, I think that will help their cause for their online applications.

  2. Jonathan Wong

    Actually, I think the web applications do allow some level of collaborative authoring.

    In the WPC keynote today, one of the live demos showed two users editing an Excel spreadsheet in real time through the browser, one Firefox, and the other Internet Explorer.

    In fact, the changes were reflected in near real time, which reminded me a lot of Google Wave…

  3. Dave

    ” This collaboration is not available in the web version, unfortunately. Microsoft says that users don’t want this feature”

    Really? I beg to differ

  4. Stuart McLean

    Any major vendor such as Microsoft pushing Saas products is, IMO, good for all Saas players as it normalises the working mode.
    As for office 2010 – I to am still on 2003 – even though I’m licensed for 2007 – there’s just only so much an application can do. I knew when MS introduced the funny paperclip thing that they’d run out of ideas.