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3 responses to “Opera Unite: Do You Really Want to Run a Web Server on your Computer?”

  1. schultzter

    I don’t know that this is too far fetched – every NAS you buy these days comes with some kind of content sharing software (usually photos). For those who don’t want to go the NAS route this sounds pretty appealing. Obviously a laptop isn’t the best place to host your content; and this is going to get us thinking about our upload bandwidth.

    What Opera needs to do is put Unite Nodes in the cloud (maybe built on AWS – Cloudfront) that can cache your content once someone has viewed it from the outside. For mutable content there would need to be some synchronization or opt-out from caching.

    (BTW, is there someway to get Cloud Ave to remember my Username, Email, & Website so I don’t have to re-enter them all the time? I joined your MyBloglog community but that didn’t help)

  2. Alec Saunders

    Hey Zoli,

    My PC wasn’t even offline. Something went wrong with Unite. I had to remote desktop into home and restart the browser in order to get my fridge and photos back online.

    Definitely not something the average end user is going to do.

    Cheers, A

  3. Chris R

    Hooray for the little guy’s. I think this is a fantastic idea. I for one have a reasonable amount of bandwidth and I keep my computer running 24/7. So this will work for me.

    I wouldn’t host a professional site or anything, but I would host a personal site on something like this.

    Kudo’s Opera, I like your stuff.