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Publisher / Editor @ CloudAve and Enterprise Irregulars. Industry Observer, Blogger, Startup Advisor, Program Chair @ SVASE (Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs). In his "prior life" spent 15 years immersed in the business of Enterprise Software, at management positions with SAP, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG and the like.

One response to “Startup CEO Who "Won't Take VC Abuse" Is Now a VC Himself and Blogs About It.”

  1. Mark Suster

    Hey, Zoli! What a great memory you have from our previous conversations. It’s true that Yves was the one guy who told me I was raising too much money and told me to cut costs before anybody else did. Now I’m doing my best to keep it real with entrepreneurs and am enjoying being on the Dark Side 😉 Hope to see you on my next pass through NorCal.