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3 responses to “If Only Tank Man Had Twitter”

  1. Raf

    Every nation has its watershed moments. ’68 in France etc…for England its always been ’66 (Year we won the Football World Cup!).

    Hopefully China will understand they have to let go at some point.

    As Gandhi said “But how many can be given such punishment? Try and calculate how much time it will take of Britishers to hang 300 million of persons.”

  2. Mike Licht

    Learn the Tank Man Tango.

  3. Evan Low

    LKY has always been a supporter of China (the ruling party).

    That said, I have hope that the ‘tank man’ is alive and living well (not in jail or anything like that). He was just shopping (hence the plastic bags he was holding) and just couldn’t stand what was going on around him. It’s important to note that his action is not political, but that of a frustrated resident.

    The communist has a social contract with the people after this incident, that of economic prosperity in exchange for the party holding on to their power. This would be mean that should the economy in China goes bad, the fragile contract would be in jeopardy.

    My cousin was in Tiananmen 2 weeks before the crack down. Beijing’s infrastructure is already non functioning, public services and also businesses are dead due to the demonstrations. His assessment after talking with the students in the square is that they have not the slightest idea what they want to achieve. Negative freedom (freedom from) instead of freedom to change things. They were not ready for it, and for many of us (non-western, including LKY) the feeling is that there would be lots of bloodshed should the demonstration be allowed to take its course. One just have to look at the French revolution to see how much chaos and blood is needed for the change. Believe me, it would be a lot worse in China.

    Did the crack down prevent more bloodshed? I guess we wouldn’t know now. Is the revolution now delayed? Maybe. Will it be easier when or if it comes again? Hard to say. Many of the students now studying in the university in Beijing have no idea about the incident that transpired just 20 years ago.

    Capitalistism that Karl Marx preached against had changed, enough so that the downfall that was predicted by Marx didn’t happen. Not perfect, but enough to survive to this very day.

    Ironic, since this is the exact thing that is currently keeping the Chinese communist party in power.