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5 responses to “Windows Live Writer Can Bring a Beast of a Computer Down”

  1. Robin Capper

    Or try BlogJet, which I use with a Mesh folder so can edit drafts on a couple of machines using local data/app but still cloud synced

  2. Evan Low

    Let me know if you find an alternative to WLW.

    Web (Saas) or Programs (e.g. Openoffice) are available for both my notebook (Windows) and netbook (Linux). WLW is the only one that I use daily that is only available in Windows.

    Funny how after moving most of my processes to the web, I still have to contend with WLW and Firefox taking up most of my machine resources.

  3. Zoli Erdos

    I took this screen pic while editing the much longer Tank Man post, which includes 3 videos. I have no idea if the videos are the culprit, but I was simply unable to finish editing there, the entire system came to halt and I had to close WLW every 5 minutes or so.

    Then I pasted the html into our blog platform’s (Zoho)editor and finished the post easily.

  4. Brandon Turner [MSFT]


    I am one of the developers of Windows Live Writer. Since WLW uses Internet Explorer to render your blog post, and often times media like videos use 3rd parties(like Flash or Silverlight) there is a lot of places a bug can arise from. If you want to follow up on this issue send me (at the wpost file (found in your ‘My Weblog Folder’ in your Documents folder) and I will see if I can reproduce the bad memory usage.

    Sorry for the bad experience!

  5. Zoli Erdos


    Thanks for your comment, I’m sending the file!