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2 responses to “LCSNPC – So Much More Friendly than Netbook. Thank You, Microsoft”

  1. Andrew Filev

    They ran out of TLAs in 99, when they introduced NGWS. Now they’re switching to 6LAs. I guess, it’s a twitter influence, we’re speaking acronyms now;-)

    P.P.S. Feel free to expand MSSCMCN as you wish, I already forgot what I meant, when I made up that abbreviation;-)

  2. Sam Johnston

    Microsoft are obviously quite stressed about what the “Netbook” means for them and will do what they can to “run interference”. They have always wanted these devices to be pigeon-holed by size and price but as I’ve been saying the whole time, there’s nothing wrong with having a relatively expensive MacBook Air style netbook that does nothing but provide a browser over WiFi/3G for hours on end… I’m a power user and I’d probably still get one… as my primary machine no less!