Yuuguu aggregates your IM… on the side

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Yuuguu is a screen sharing, collaboration and web conferencing service. It sits nicely in the WebEx space, but without the big price tag. (As a reference Yuuguu’s free if you’re only screen sharing with five people – if you need more than that the 30 attendee paid plan runs $15 per month compared to WebEx which is $69)

I met the CEO and co-founder Anish Kapoor last year at the Office 2.0 conference and I was impressed by his down to earth, no nonsense and “say it like it is” attributes.

Their latest release does something that warms my heart, and that is aggregates some pre-existing services into one. Yuuguu for Skype allows users to instantly screen share, and collaborate in real time with one or more of their contacts on Skype. More importantly from my perspective however it allows Skype users to aggregate their contacts on all major instant messaging services (Google Talk, MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo and AIM) in one place, allowing Skype users to instant message, instantly screen share and collaborate in real time with all their colleagues and friends from one unified interface.

I’ve done a bunch of WebEx presentations lately and they’ve often been hampered by the fact that voice ad screen sharing is somewhat disconnected – I’ve had a number of times where i’ve had to do a phone or Skype call alongside the WebEx screenshare – so much for integration – now with this new offering it’s all seamlessly integrated.

I downloaded Yuuguu for Skype, allowed a connection to my Skype install, connected my GTalk account and, hey presto, all my Skype, Yuuguu and GTalk contacts were ready for me to IM, talk to, or screen share with. Of course it requires a download at one end, but most importantly session participants don’t need to install anything extra – it works off of their existing chat clients.

Here’s a nice video to show how it works;

I was talking to some people yesterday about collaboration offerings (not specifically screen sharing but more video conferencing. We concluded that there is a huge middle ground that hasn’t been provided for. While in any functional area there are plenty of low-level consumer plays, and the odd high end (read expensive) offering, there is little for the middle players. If we look at video conferencing there is a huge gap between the Google video chat/Skype video level offerings, and the mega expensive (but apparently exquisite to use) Cisco Telepresence – offerings like this one from Yuuguu help to fulfil the needs of that middle ground.

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4 responses to “Yuuguu aggregates your IM… on the side”

  1. Brandan

    Thanks for this post – I have been looking for something which fits this “middle-ground”. I will definitely be checking out Yuuguu.

  2. Andrew Donnelly

    Hi Ben,

    I’d like to get in contact with you about our desktop sharing app, Mikogo, for online meetings and remote support. It’s a free desktop sharing solution for commercial and private use
    You can find further info on our website http://www.mikogo.com or please feel free to send me an email and I’d be happy to send you further details on Mikogo.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Andrew Donnelly
    The Mikogo Team

  3. web meetings josh

    I want to suggest you try http://www.showdocument.com – its an alternative tool for yuuguu that allows document sharing and web meeting in real-time. all the participants in the session see each others’ drawing, highlights, etc. It is free and requires no installation.


  4. Jessica

    RHUB http://www.rhubcom.com is an alternative to meet both middle and high requirements. It’s not a hosted solution but a standalone device that sits on your desktop.