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5 responses to “Rackspace shakes up hosted email”

  1. stuartm

    Interesting… I hadn’t heard about this before, looks like something they’ve developed in-house. Pricing is good and I don’t think the lack of online office apps is a killer. They don’t provide full iPhone syncing though – only mail and contacts, which is odd because I’m assuming they have licensed ActiveSync to allow syncing to Windows Mobile devices which means they should be able to do sync Calendars to iPhones through ActiveSync too. Perhaps they’ve just developed a client-side app that runs on Windows Mobile to sync the calendars and contacts?

  2. stuartm

    Just re-read the details about the mobile options and I now see that they have developed their own apps for syncing to devices. Not as seamless as using ActiveSync but probably a hell of a lot cheaper. So iPhone users won’t be able to sync their calendars until Apple release APIs to allow apps to get access to the calendars.

  3. schultzter

    I just chatted with one of their tech support people – very impressive, fast response – but he added there is a 10 mailbox minimum.

    So it looks pretty cool, but even though it’s $1/box/mth you’re still looking at a $10/mth minimum even if you only want to host your family’s e-mail.

    The mobile device synchronization is very compelling though, especially since they cover the full range of PIM apps (mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes). Google still lacks a real Notes app and Tasks are still in their infancy.

  4. nick

    They have ical calendar feeds which will let you get the calendar on your phone once the new iPhone os comes out, which supports adding ical feeds. Won’t get full sync though.

  5. Jake Satham

    HyperOffice’s hosted email service is another option you might want to try. In addition to the features you mentioned – POP and IMAP email, Web-based email, mobile email, shared calendaring, contacts and tasks, sync with Microsoft Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone, integrated anti-spam and anti-virus, their solution also includes collaboration features like group workspaces, document collaboration, forums etc.