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2 responses to “Amazon’s PaaS, TaaS and GaaS”

  1. davemichels

    Great article. I think you should have mentioned Prime. That did it for me, once I got Prime – I really started ordering things from Amazon – though I was disappointed to get my two windshield wipers in separate boxes.

  2. Andrew Filev

    Great observations. A couple of thoughts into the mix:
    1) Reviews are of the paramount importance. Many buyers visit Amazon for reviews when they purchase something new, even if they are going to purchase at a different store.
    2) Amazon lets you sell a used book, but doesn’t let you sell a used HP Touchsmart. When Amazon opens that feature, it’s going to be a huge change in the market.
    3) eBay has to think hard and should benchmark Amazon a lot (reviews, aggregation of product offers on one product page). Though eBay today doesn’t look as agile as Amazon.
    4) has potential to compete with Amazon, but they are moving slower than needed.
    They need to improve reviews, they need to speed up their free site-to-store, and they may even try to open used good sales before Amazon (though I don’t they are agile enough).
    5) Google is taking more and more ground from comparison shopping in a lot of categories with integrated search experience. To make things even harder for them, their traffic mostly comes from Google (SEO+SEM), so they are under Google’s mercy. It’s also hard to innovate for comparison shopping web-sites, because their short-term goal is to drive traffic _away_ from their web-site (to get commission from e-commerce sites). If they don’t do this aggressively enough, they will lose in SEM wars.

    P.S. This subjective comment comes from a person who amongst other things has dried blackberries and Zola Acai juice regularly delivered by Amazon;-)