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Well-known expert on why IT projects fail, CEO of Asuret, a Brookline, MA consultancy that uses specialized tools to measure and detect potential vulnerabilities in projects, programs, and initiatives. Also a popular and prolific blogger, writing the IT Project Failures blog for ZDNet. Frequently quoted by the press on topics related to IT management.

3 responses to “Screwing the customer: Tales from the crazy consultant file”

  1. Zoli Erdos

    Your bigger story about Consultants aside, a 25-person company implementing on-premise ERP sounds like a suicide mission.

  2. Michael Krigsman (@mkrigsman)

    Especially on-premise ERP when they have no IT department at all!

  3. Cindy Barnes

    Is the other common factor here clients who don’t know what they don’t know? There are still far too many cases, especially in public services, of inexperienced purchasers getting totally outwitted (screwed!) by consultancies because of the massive inequality of knowledge around what they’re signing up to and what could go wrong. This doesn’t excuse the behaviour of the consultants *in any way*, but the purchasers also need to take responsibility for the contracts they’re entering into, and get advice to safeguard themselves if needs be.