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3 responses to “Bloglines Offline, But Who Cares? It's Been Comatose Anyway.”

  1. imran

    There may only be one feed reader, but feed readers aren’t the only way to aggregate and present news.

    The current mechanisms of copying and pasting URLs for RSS from websites to reader apps is a little inaccessible to most users.

    There’s a need for more universal mechanisms for people to aggregate and filter news…I’m not sure that Google Reader or Bloglines address this, but smaller startups like Feedly, Ensembli and others are experimenting in this area.

  2. Zoli Erdos

    Ensembli … cool name:-)

    OK, will check it out. But my problem isn’t lack of interesting stuff to read, but the opposite.. i.e. I’m more inclined to follow just those I really want to, rather then looking for recommendations.

  3. imran

    Hey Zoli – thanks!

    With Ensembli we’re trying to encourage people to follow topics rather than sources so they get a good cross-source view of a subject, as well as tracking how people use suggested stories.

    It’s early days for us, but we’re not trying to address the Google Reader or Bloglines market, but the millions more who don’t use those services and just want personalised news, not dealing with feeds etc