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Strategic Consultant with HYPE Innovation, helping enterprises get more value from their innovation programs. Firm believer in the concept of jobs-to-be-done, which stresses the importance of understanding customers' wants and needs. Also sports a 2:57 marathon PR. Dad to two awesome kids.

One response to “What’s your view on customers’ value to innovation?”

  1. Peter Fretty

    Definitely a trending issue that combines the ideals of both innovation and busines collaboration. Fully leveraged a move towards the customer council and co-design is quite intriguing. How many product/service failure could organizations avoid? Think about the improved level of buy-in. The key to success here is to make the interaction and engagement seamless. From on-the-fly video engagement to real time document sharing. The various tools available today (i.e. Avaya) make this level of internal/external collaboration a reality. The continued mobility growth as well as cloud-based scalibility only promise to intensify the opportunity to make this shift a widespread reality. There is some great discussion on this topic at the CIO Collaboration Network (