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6 responses to “Atlassian Stimulus Package Supports Charity. Two Days Left To Get Your (Almost) Free Confluence or Jira Licence.”

  1. LauraKhalil

    Hey Zoli,

    It’s true, we’re not giving away $5 hosted versions of our products, however, we have written a series of blog posts to help users who are interested in hosting their instances of Confluence and JIRA in the Amazon EC2 Cloud.

    They can be found here:


    Laura Khalil

  2. Daniel Freeman


    Love the post and the cool context. I wanted to offer one quick fact checking correction. The Atlassian Starter licenses ARE perpetual, so folks can use them beyond the first year. If folks want software maintenance and support, they can pay $5/year more which we will also donate to charity.

    Finally, an Atlassian partner called 16 Degrees, is offering FREE installation & hosting for 3 months. Learn more at:


    Daniel Freeman