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4 responses to “Google Health Will Not Belly Flop but You Have to Take Charge”

  1. jayparkinsonmd

    No way! We’re not dead at all…stay tuned. Major announcements from Hello Health next week. Most importantly, that we’ll soon be opening up our platform just like Amazon Webstores or Etsy, so that doctors all over America, once vetted by us, can create a profile on Hello Health and use our infrastructure we’ve built to communicate and transact with patients. And also to communicate with other health professionals. So you can think of it as a virtual health care network that ties together all of the independent docs out there currently practicing in silos. Of course, we’ve integrated with Google Health because it absolutely makes sense for us to do so. We speak the same language as Google. However, the enterprise billing machines…well, they don’t. And that’s where Google should give up.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Zoli Erdos

    Great to hear you’re expanding, and I am certainly very interested in the news – actually, perhaps we should talk in advance 🙂