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5 responses to “What Lauren and We All Missed: TCO”

  1. Nic Wise

    I was (still am) close to buying a small desktop for home. I need to run VM’s on it, mostly, and have it play and collect media. I already have a Macbook (as does my wife)

    I thought: Mac Mini. No brainer (I have all macs at home). I thought about getting a PC, which I _thought_ would be about half the price (actually, it’s £750 vrs £613 for a dell studio which is comparable in spec: 2.1ghz/4GB RAM), but then I thought:

    what am I going to do with it when I’m finished my VM-based testing? I can’t DO anything with it – I use macs. I dont use windows at all at home (except in said VM’s)

    So, I’m about to go get a Mini 🙂

    good point on the “it depends on what you are comparing it to”. That ad is a joke, but she’s rather cute, which made it worth the 60 seconds to watch.

  2. Nic Wise

    oh yeah. The same guy is walking past the door of the apple store when she walked in, as when she walked out (the dude with the camera). Obviously didn’t spend much time in there.

  3. schultzter

    @Nic Yeah, what’d she do? Bounce off the door?! The guy is like two paces from where he was when she “walked in” so she probably didn’t even feel the A/C before she turned around and walked out!!!

    I think the point of comparison between Mac and PC is the choices. With a PC you have a much wider variety of choices than you do with a Mac.

    On the one hand we could say that Macs and PCs are computers and lump them together into one big list of choices.

    Or one could say Mac vs. PC and conclude that a PC is preferable because of the likelihood of finding a machine in your price range that meets your needs.

    Ultimately you should, as in the ad, define your requirements and price limit and then go shopping – not only at Apple and Best Buy but on-line and at some smaller retailers too that can give you better advice and post-sales support.

  4. jkupferman

    You have absolutely identified that indeed the TCO of a laptop can vary widely and is not equal to the initial purchase price. It is funny however that people fail to consider resale price when thinking about TCO, this blog post ( actually shows that when you consider just resale value that the TCO of a MacBook is comparable to that of a cheap Dell laptop and much lower then higher end HP or Lenovo systems. And you dont have to consider the “human factor” which although is very true, is much more difficult to quantify.