4 responses to “Will Cloud Apps kill the VPN Market?”

  1. Nic Wise

    I dont think the cloud will kill the VPN at all. The cloud negates the need for VPN in most cases, but it’s still useful, eg if you happen to have a very private app running on (eg) EC2, why not put a OpenVPN server infront – then you have (almost) unlimited bandwidth and processing, and it’s “secure”.

    Personally, I think certificate-based SSL authentication is more likely to get a big foothold. SSL is nice and secure (duh!), and the addition of client certs allows for the authentication without it being public.

    Now, if the browser makers could make it a load easier to grok for users….. 🙂

    I think they will go away more, but not die… the same as cloud will not be 100% of the market ever….

  2. Krishnan Subramanian

    Yeah. Some companies are using VPNCubed kind of perimeter security systems to “secure” their servers on the Cloud.

  3. Sergio

    Maybe the VPN was already killed by the UTM (unified threat management)?

    my 2 cents