3 responses to “Will Gears kill Software plus Services?”

  1. kayvaan

    Espen – Gears + SaaS IS Software + Services (S+S).

    S+S isn’t a Microsoft-owned computing paradigm, although MS uses it most.

    Gears + Saas is also software + services. So I don’t understand your question.

    Maybe you are asking whether Google S+S is better than MS S+S? That’s certainly a valid question.

  2. Espen Antonsen

    kayvann: Im sure Microsoft would argue that as well. However I feel that utilizing Gears, which is a browser plugin, differently than an installing an application. I see Gears as an extension of SaaS, not as Software plus Services.

  3. Krish

    kayvaan, the way S+S is used in the industry today (mostly with a push from Microsoft), the first S in S+S is supposed to be a software installed as a standalone. If we take your arguments, even browser is a software and any SaaS application is S+S. Let us keep browser and associated plugins as the entry point to SaaS and not put it on par with other software in S+S. It will only add to the confusion Microsoft wants to create in this space.