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One response to “Android? Car mode? Speakerphone auto-on? Bluetooth volume fail? Micro-USB design-flaw!”

  1. nathan collins

    Thanks! This worked for me. I was having the “can’t adjust the headphone volume” problem.

    After cleaning the USB port the phone still enters car mode if I wiggle the connected USB cable, but it always exits car mode when I unplug. Before it would often stay in USB mode and cause problems, even after disabling car mode (by clicking the notification).

    There is a way to fix the car mode problems without rebooting the phone, when the phone is stuck in car mode, or even after disabling car mode (which doesn’t fix the volume problem). Plug the USB cable back in and wiggle it until car mode turns on again, if necessary, and then off. I.e., the big problem is when you unplug the phone and it remains in (even partial) car mode. A lot of reboot before I figured this out.