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Co-Founder and CEO of EchoSign from inception through tens of millions in cash-flow positive SaaS revenue and acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc. Jason then served as Vice President, Web Services at Adobe, where EchoSign was named the most successful acquisition of 2011-12, posting 199% YoY growth.

One response to “And So Begins the End of this SaaS M&A Cycle”

  1. Josh

    Point of clarification: The 80% growth represented growth through June of this year compared to the same period of time last year. Salesforce didn’t close the acquisition of Buddy until August, so they had all of that financial information available to them that has only now been made public (eg. the growth rates and the cash burn), that was all before the deal closed. Your statement “post-acquisition growth appears so far to only be 80%” should say “pre-acquisition growth”.