3 responses to “Getting Rid of IE6 – the Campaign Continues”

  1. Zoli Erdos

    I hope you don’t want me to also give up DOS 3.1 on my original IBM AT 🙂

  2. Jason M. Lemkin

    Would certainly be nice. I wonder though if only PC obsolescence can do this … and thus the current economy will only length the lifespan of IE6.

  3. nikin

    As a webdesigner myself, i feel the pain of IE6 every day. CSS brought the webdesign to a new level. Also PNG transparency support and so much more got developed in the last 8 years, wich would make us capable of designing beutifull, and fast webpages, with good control for us and the user on the content. If there wasnt IE6. So please let it go, and have its place by all the other softwares in the past.
    And save us time, save the world somebandwidth. Please.
    As a designer i believe that designing between limits is a good thing, it tests our skills, but let those barriers bee usablity, good look, accesibility, speed, orwhatever that makes sense for the user. Not some old software that just holds back everyone else. As of mee. i didnt ever calculate how much time did ispend for IE6 compatibility only. But i am sure that enough, for swithing about 1000 PC-s to lets say Firefox. or even more. 😛