One response to “University moves 50,000 accounts to Zimbra in a private Cloud”

  1. early_computer_guy

    No where in the podcast or article did I come across any “costs/savings/comparison” numbers? And since it seems to be a ‘Private cloud’ contained on campus..assume all the storage/server costs for the student email/calendar/etc system is borne by the University??? What storage quota does the student have? & at what cost?
    In a previous article(see below) it seems the ZIMBRA costs $500,000 …assume this is a software license fee per year??? for 50,000 accounts.

    In an article of 12/2007 Bruce Maas stated:
    “Given the technology savvy nature of today’s student populations, no public university could live for long without examples of social networks. UWM has set the stage for enhanced adoption of Web 2.0 by replacing what Maas called an antiquated e-mail system. The university, through an RFP process, has selected an economical – $10 per user – Zimbra e-mail calendaring and messaging tool to serve its 50,000 plus mailboxes.”

    At first glance it seems very pricey compared to offerings from GOOGLE/apps gmail or MS LIVE…both offering 7 ->10 GB of storage per user FREE.