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Sadagopan is Global Vice President - Business & IT Transformation Services & Cloud Computing for HCL Technologies. He has led international teams and initiatives for large enterprises across many areas throughout the US, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. Sadagopan's blog focus is on business, enterprise software, IT services, cloud computing, social media & web presence. LinkedIn TwitterFacebook

2 responses to “Enterprise IT : Future Proofing Vs Failure Proofing – Part 1”

  1. John Willis

    Sounds like your first rodeo? Business units have been trying to buck IT a long at I can remember (35+) years. Change all your references from cloud to pick one, (distributed computing, mrp, erp, or soa). You statement “Have no doubts. The IT department must get ready. It is in danger of losing its monopoly over its privilege of provision of IT services, and a big test of enterprise IT leadership is clearly looming inside every enterprise.” has happened at least three times in my IT lifetime. This is a cycle that will continue long after we are all gone…

    Nothing new here to see… Move on..